Saturday, July 7, 2012

Always Thinking

This blog has been wonderful. Over the last 5 months I have posted 32 posts, Recieved about 1500 views and most importantly learned so much. This is my first real attempt at creating a blog that hopefully someone would read. It has faired far better than I could have expected.

Within the next week or two I will be a new daddy. I am so excited. With this new curve on the road ahead I started thinking... So there I was, thinking hard about how I can transition this blog into a new daddy blog with the same concept as I started with. I thought about every avenue possible until, out of the blue I get asked by a fellow blogger to be one of five bloggers on a new website. I couldn't believe that someone would actually read my blog and enjoy it enough to offer me this opportunity. It is an honor to be writing for The Today Voice. Where five bloggers post one day a week for an entire year. With a different topic every week, you can be sure to read some interesting stuff.

With this change in my short blogging career, I have decided to transfer my blogging to wordpress. It just seems to fit my idea of a blog a little better than this one. As I don't have time to write for three blogs I am going to focus on two. The Today Voice, and a new daddy blog on wordpress. The Website is under construction and you can be sure that I will advertise the adress asap. This blog has been amazing and has taught me so much about myself in these short five months.

I hope that all who reads this blog will follow me to my next endeaver. Check out The Today Voice any time. I write for mondays and am among some pretty great writers. I can't really tell you what I have in store for my next personal blog, but you can bet that it will rock!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Home Stretch

We are officially at 37 weeks. These nine months have gone so fast. I presume time will never slow from here. May was a super busy month for us. We had lamaze clase, Kayla was still working full time, my parents came to visit, I have been taking online classes, and working a ton. All this with softball 5 nights a week makes for one busy schedule. Though I thought it would be impossible, June has topped it. The great thing about keeping busy is how fast time seems to melt away.

Being so close to finally meeting our baby seems like a dream. It still hasn't sunk in fully that in a few days to weeks we will have another person depending on us. I can't say I know what is in store for us but, I am ready. As ready as I will ever be.

We may not be financially ready for a child (is anybody ever financially "ready" for a baby?). Are we too young? According to I'm a link!! 75% of all mothers having a baby were between the ages of 20-34. I have so many friends from my hometown that always post on facebook

"I can't believe how many of my friends are either pregnant, married, or both."

Um... Hello? The majority of your friends are in their 20's. Thats what people in their 20's do. They get hitched and pop out a few pups.

I am happy that I can actually say that we are physically prepared. We have all our diapers, clothes, etc... The car seat is in the car, and our overnight bag is packed.

Bring it on!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Final Lamaze Class

Sadly since I had softball in Colorado I missed one of our lamaze classes. This class was a super special one. They showed one of those 9th grade health childbirthing videos from your parents era. This is one video I am glad I missed... Nobody wants to see that. Last Thursday was our final lamaze class. I cannot believe how fast 6 weeks went bye. It literally grew wings and flew.

We are now coming up on the home stretch of the pregnancy. Her feet are swelling, she's a lot more uncomfortable, and worst of all the weather is getting hotter. "I hope he comes early" is a sentence mentioned about every 30 minutes. We are now in the 36th week so anything after this week is considered "full term."

I might be the luckyest man in the world, or this is a cruel trick that can still take a turn for the worst. My wife has been truely amazing during this process. She rarely complains, is still working her job, still cleans, does laundry, cooks dinner, and rarely complains (needed to emphasize the latter). I have had it far to easy. I know that the baby will be a whole new can of worms. Judging by how she has been to this point, I know we can do it. I married the right woman.

We learned a lot about different medicines, pain coping techniques, and cleared up a lot of questions that we had floating around in our final lamaze class. I would recommend to everyone that a lamaze class is a must. I gained a multitude of knowlede in our classes. Also, my wife is now a lot more comfortable and a lot more prepared for labor.

 Preparation builds confidence.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Mini Hiatus

So I have been absent from my blog for the past week or so. I didn't mean for it to happen but, a lot has been going on in my life recently. I started my summer college classes, took a trip to Colorado to play in Band Aid Military softball tourney (we took 4th place of 23 teams), and have been tending to my pregnant wife (8 months). This little break was very much needed. It was an awesome break from work, school, and life in general. I am pleased to say that I am turning my attention back onto "She's Pregnant, I'm Learning." I am so pleased to see that I hit 1000 views as fast as I did. I hear the first few months are the hardest, so I am sticking with it for the long haul.

I am not exactly sure what this blog will look like after the baby is born. I may keep the central idea on pregnancy for new fathers, but I fear that I will bring a lot of my son into the posts. If anyone has any insight into what I should do please feel free to leave a comment.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stages of Labor III: Transition Phase

The transition phase is where mommy will dialate from 7cm to 10 (the amount needed for delivery). This is a much shorter process than the last two stages (30 minutes to an hour). At this point her contractions will be 1-2 minutes apart and they will last for about 60-90 seconds a piece. The discomfort level raises during this phase. She will have increased rectal pressure, possible nausea, vomiting, feeling flushed, chilled or sweating. Also, her muscles may begin to cramp up. The best advice for this phase is to take it one contraction at a time. If she has not already squeezed the life out of your hand, remind her to focus each breath on each individual contraction. In this case it is good for mommy to anticipate the contraction so that she may relax as it comes. Tension= Pain. Each breath will be nudging the baby that much closer to her arms. That is the first place the baby will go (everything permitting of course). Our hospital reccomends giving mommy and baby skin time immediately following the birth. This will help strengthen that initial bond between the two.

It is important for you (partner) to use your positive reinforcement skills during the transition phase of labor. Your words should be uplifting, encouraging, strong and caring. This is not time to relate child birth to something you once saw on National Geographic. Words of encouragement from the one she loves could mean the difference in a wonderful experience or an upsetting one. Here is a website I found containing a list of encouraging words. Make good use of them.

Hopefully these labor posts are informative as well as thought provoking. I hope they possibly raise some questions that you can bring to your doctor for answers. Knowledge is power!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Tuesday and don't forget to comment, like, share, digg, or pin.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Stages of Labor II: Active Phase

A lot happens during the active phase of labor. The most noticable difference will be contractions happening every 3-4 minutes that last for about a minute. Again, these contractions will begin in your lower back and work their way around into your pelvis. Your cervix will now dialate from 3 centimeters to 8 over the span of about 4 hours. Wow! That is a lot of dialation.

Obviously mommy won't be the most comfortable person in the world. Here are some helpful techniques for coping with this discomfort.
  1. When contractions become uncomfortable, try changing positions.
  2. Try to get movement in sync with music and breathing. In other words use music to help relax your breathing and putting some small body movements along with smooth rythmatic breathing will help relax your body and mind.
  3. You may use verbal affirmations to reinforce a determined well being. Use smooth, even breathing to say "I can have this baby. I am relaxed."
Much of the discomfort will begin in the active phase and for good reason. Your body is stretching and squeezing in order to prepare to squeeze your 9lb baby out... Okay hopefully your baby is not 9lb but i'm sure it does happen. Look at this! Baby Chun Chun was born at 15lbs. I would not envy that woman.

It is a fact that child birth is painful. There is no getting around that. There are tools however, that may help alleviate this pain and discomfort. Whether it is an epidural, breathing techniques, body positioning etc... Talk about these options you have with your partner and come up with a birthing plan unique to what you want during this wonderful time.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stages of Labor I: Early Phase

If your are like my wife then you have to always be prepared. Whether you are planning dinner, or expecting a baby. It seems only natural for Kayla to have complete knowledge of labor before hand (she plans out our trips to walmart in such detail it is mind boggling). After being educated on labor I feel comfortable sharing some of the knowledge I retained. Knowledge is power!

Labor is divided into 3 stages, stage one has three phases. These phases are early, active, and trasition. Early labor is where the cervix begins to dialate. This phase usually lasts for about 8-10 hours and is when contractions will begin. These contractions will be anywhere from 20 minutes to 5 minutes apart and will last for about 30-45 seconds a piece. There are some things that mommy will want to start doing when these begin.

1. Start drinking only clear liquids (any liquid that you can see through). No! Vodka doesn't count, so put that Grey Goose away. Also, you may eat popsicles or jello.

2. Try to get as much rest as possible.

3. It may help to think of contractions not as bad and painful. But, necessary to squeeze your little one out. Think of it as a reoccurring bear hug, gently nudging your baby into this world.

4. At this point you will want to begin timing your contractions so you will better understand when you need to go to the hospital.

What will these contractions feel like? Well, they will more than likely start in your lower back and work themselves around your hips and down to your pelvis. If your contractions don't have a constant interval then it is likely it is false labor. When in doubt, check it out!

This will be a multiple post subject. I will continue this daily through the week.